Dan + Ruth | St Agnes Wedding


Dan + Ruth’s awesome St Agnes Wedding

Being a wedding photographer in Cornwall is awesome or in fact I should say being a wedding photographer full stop is just a pretty cool job. You get to go to an awesome party every weekend and hang out with lots of happy people!  As you can guess, I kinda like my job……

Being a wedding photographer at one of your best buddies wedding is even better! You get the best view of your mates wedding, document all of the special moments, catch up with loads of friends and party hard with them later on when the job is done! 🙂

As you can guess, Dan + Ruth are very good friends of mine and it was an absolute pleasure to shoot their wedding in St Agnes and also be one of Dan’s Ushers! The wedding itself was at St Agnes Church and the reception took place in a marquee at Ruth’s mums house near Mithian. I’ll let the photos tell the story but needless to say I enjoyed every minute of this wedding and I wish Dan and Ruth every happiness!

A quick supplier shout out (as some of my wedding vendor buddies were also involved)

Beautiful Flowers by the awesome Anna at Wedding Flowers in Cornwall

The amazing and Holly Luisa from No. 4 Hair and Beauty did Ruth’s Hair

And one of my other best buddies Selbs put up the amazing wedding marquee – Over the Top Marquees

Dan + Ruth-2 Dan + Ruth-13 Dan + Ruth-15 Dan + Ruth-17 Dan + Ruth-18 Dan + Ruth-19 Dan + Ruth-24 Dan + Ruth-25 Dan + Ruth-28 Dan + Ruth-30 Dan + Ruth-33 Dan + Ruth-35 Dan + Ruth-37 Dan + Ruth-48 Dan + Ruth-51 Dan + Ruth-52 Dan + Ruth-53 Dan + Ruth-58 Dan + Ruth-63 Dan + Ruth-68 Dan + Ruth-69 Dan + Ruth-71 Dan + Ruth-73 Dan + Ruth-80 Dan + Ruth-82 Dan + Ruth-84 Dan + Ruth-88 Dan + Ruth-89 Dan + Ruth-90 Dan + Ruth-91 Dan + Ruth-107 beaitiful bouquet Dan + Ruth-111 Dan + Ruth-113 Dan + Ruth-114 Dan + Ruth-118 Dan + Ruth-121 Dan + Ruth-129 Dan + Ruth-135 Dan + Ruth-146 Dan + Ruth-150 Dan + Ruth-151 Dan + Ruth-155 Dan + Ruth-168 Dan + Ruth-171 Dan + Ruth-176 Dan + Ruth-182 Dan + Ruth-191 confetti photograph Dan + Ruth-202 Dan + Ruth-204 Dan + Ruth-207 Dan + Ruth-210 Dan + Ruth-212 Dan + Ruth-214 Dan + Ruth-230 Dan + Ruth-233 Dan + Ruth-237 Dan + Ruth-253 Dan + Ruth-255 bride and groom under a tree Dan + Ruth-287 Dan + Ruth-293 Dan + Ruth-303  Dan + Ruth-358 Dan + Ruth-363 Dan + Ruth-370 Dan + Ruth-373 Dan + Ruth-385 Dan + Ruth-388 Dan + Ruth-391 Dan + Ruth-398 Dan + Ruth-410 Dan + Ruth-419 Dan + Ruth-422 Dan + Ruth-424 Dan + Ruth-429 Dan + Ruth-433 Dan + Ruth-438 Dan + Ruth-444 Dan + Ruth-446 Dan + Ruth-449 Dan + Ruth-492 Dan + Ruth-503 Dan + Ruth-512

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