Who will photograph my wedding?

I don’t employ other photographers under my name so if you book Stewart Girvan Photography, you deal directly with me, Stewart from start to finish! 🙂

How can I use the high resolution photographs?

The high resolution photographs come supplied on a USB drive in a mixture of colour and black and white. You can use the files to print high quality prints and canvases, send photos to your friends, share them on facebook or use them in any other way you can think of.

What style of photography do you offer? Reportage or traditional? 

My main aim is to provide you with a visual story of your day, and therefore my style is very much reportage/documentary. However I appreciate that family and clients have a need for a traditional portrait, and will happily plan and coordinate these in the day. I wouldn’t recommend any more than 6 – 8 groups, which shouldn’t take more than 20 -25 minutes.

Can our family buy albums or prints?

Yes of course. Included in all bookings is an online password protected album that you can share with anyone. Prints can be purchased directly from here or please just use this to show off your wedding pics!

How long will it take to get our Wedding Photographs?

I work hard to make sure that your wedding photographs are ready as soon as possible without compromising on quality. I aim to have your wedding photographs completed and ready within four weeks from your wedding date but often it is less.

How many photographs do we get?

Typically at a wedding I will shoot over 1500 photographs. I then work my magic picking out the best images – removing photos where you are blinking or in mid sentence! I don’t limit how many photos that I give you but you can expect anywhere from 350 – 500 photos depending on the length of the day.

What equipment do you use? do you a have backups?

I use two professional Nikon digital cameras with a collection of high performance prime lenses. I always have a backup camera, lenses, flash guns, batteries and memory cards on hand if anything goes wrong.

Are you insured?

Only cowboys avoid insurance, and I’m no cowboy! As a full-time, professional I am fully insured for both public and professional indemnity and have all the paperwork to show!

How far do you travel?

There is no limit. I travel all over the UK and internationally for destination weddings. When it comes to the UK, all wedding prices are fully inclusive of any travel costs within Cornwall and the South West. If you are more than 2 hours drive away, I will travel to the location the night before and kindly request that you book at little B & B for me, that way I am with you in good time and raring to go!

How do we book you?

First, I always like to meet my clients for a ‘no obligation’ chat to discuss their requirements and learn about their day. I can then provide you with a quotation for the wedding. In order to secure your wedding date you will need to complete a wedding booking/contract form, which I will provide you, and pay the booking fee of £200 by either, cheque or internet bank transfer.