Helen + Dan’s Autumn Wedding at Nancarrow Farm

Helen + Dan | Nancarrow Farm

One of my last weddings 0f 2014 was the ever so lovely Helen + Dan at Nancarrow Farm. Helen and Dan were such a cool couple to work for, they were very laid back and just happy to leave me to it. I love to work in an unobtrusive way at all weddings so I just hung out with the bridal party and documented the day as it unfolded! Perfect! Everything happened at Nancarrow, the girls and the boys to got ready there which was great for me as I could switch between the two sides in the morning and photograph both preparations. We were very lucky with the weather which allowed the couple to have the ceremony outside the main barn. Mulled cider and canopes were served after the ceremony and an awesome banquet was prepared by Nancarrow’s resident chef Ben Quinn. The evening do followed with a Ceilidh band and lots of drinks and dance! This wedding had a real rustic autumn feel to it and one of my favs from 2014. Here are a few highlights from there day.

Helen + Dan-1 bridal prep at Nancarrow farm Helen + Dan-13 Helen + Dan-23 Helen + Dan-26 Helen + Dan-27 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-30 Helen + Dan-34 Helen + Dan-37 rustic wedding cake Helen + Dan-40 Helen + Dan-41 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-52 Helen + Dan-53 Helen + Dan-55 Helen + Dan-60 Helen + Dan-63 Helen + Dan-65 Helen + Dan-66 Helen + Dan-68 Helen + Dan-69 Helen + Dan-71 Helen + Dan-77 Helen + Dan-87 Helen + Dan-90 Helen + Dan-92 Helen + Dan-95 Helen + Dan-98 Helen + Dan-106 Helen + Dan-108 Helen + Dan-110 Helen + Dan-113 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-124 Helen + Dan-129 Helen + Dan-135 Helen + Dan-137 Helen + Dan-139 Helen + Dan-146 Helen + Dan-153 Helen + Dan-159 Helen + Dan-165 Helen + Dan-170 Helen + Dan-175 Helen + Dan-184 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-199 Helen + Dan-203 Helen + Dan-209 Helen + Dan-221 Helen + Dan-245 Helen + Dan-250 Helen + Dan-251 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-264 Helen + Dan-267 Helen + Dan-270 Helen + Dan-272 Helen + Dan-274 outdoor catering nancarrow farm Helen + Dan-287 Helen + Dan-288 Helen + Dan-291 Helen + Dan-292 Helen + Dan-293 Helen + Dan-295 Helen + Dan-297 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-319 Helen + Dan-320 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-356 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-367 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-386 Helen + Dan-388 Helen + Dan-392 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-398 Helen + Dan-402 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-412 Helen + Dan-416 Helen + Dan-421 Helen + Dan-423 Helen + Dan-429 Helen + Dan-444 Helen + Dan-448 Helen + Dan-449 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-466 Helen + Dan-468 Helen + Dan-477 Helen + Dan-480 Helen + Dan-504 Helen + Dan-509 Helen + Dan-511 Helen + Dan-513 Helen + Dan-522 Nancarrow Farm wedding Helen + Dan-526 Helen + Dan-532 Helen + Dan-542 Helen + Dan-558 Helen + Dan-564 Helen + Dan-567 Helen + Dan-568 Helen + Dan-575 Helen + Dan-580 Helen + Dan-583 Helen + Dan-592 Helen + Dan-596 Helen + Dan-599 Helen + Dan-604 Helen + Dan-608 Helen + Dan-618 Helen + Dan-619 Helen + Dan-631 Helen + Dan-637 Nancarrow Farm wedding

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