Holly + Ashley // St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding

Holly + Ashley

This wedding rocked. Holly and Ashley’s wedding took place in August 2015 at the St Ives Harbour Hotel. After just one meeting with these guys, I knew the wedding was going to be fun and it didn’t disappoint!

One big highlight of the day for me was early on in the day when Holly’s Dad came up to the room where she was getting ready to see her in her wedding dress for the first time…..lots of tears and good ones at that. Dad cried, Holly, cried, the bridesmaids cried, I even cried! 🙂 I absolutely love capturing moments like this.

This was one of many highlights from the day which I can write about but I’ll let the photos tell the story. Here are few from their awesome day.

I received this message from Holly the day they received their wedding photos:

“Wow! We have just sat down and looked at our pics…….I don’t even know what to say! They are so far beyond what we could have expected. Thank you so so so much Stewart. They have had us both in tears, particularly how you have captured the love of my grandparents. We love every single one and cannot ever thank you enough xx” Holly



Holly + Ashley-1

Holly + Ashley-54

Holly + Ashley-66

Holly + Ashley-105

Holly + Ashley-119

Holly + Ashley-112

Holly + Ashley-157

Holly + Ashley-151

Holly + Ashley-175

Holly + Ashley-197

Holly + Ashley-185

Holly + Ashley-198

Holly + Ashley-202

Holly + Ashley-207

Holly + Ashley-228

Holly + Ashley-239

Holly + Ashley-244

Holly + Ashley-246

Holly + Ashley-256

Holly + Ashley-273

Holly + Ashley-282

Holly + Ashley-349

Holly + Ashley-346

Holly + Ashley-361

Holly + Ashley-364

Holly + Ashley-332

Holly + Ashley-389

Holly + Ashley-470

Holly + Ashley-410

Holly + Ashley-481

Holly + Ashley-494

Holly + Ashley-533

Holly + Ashley-539

Holly + Ashley-553

Holly + Ashley-578

Holly + Ashley-588

Holly + Ashley-601





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