Kate + Ryan – Alverton Hotel Wedding

Kate + Ryan

A Festival-Style Wedding with an awesome soundtrack!

It was really cool to take on the role of wedding photographer in Truro for Kate and Ryan’s festival-themed wedding, which began with a ceremony at The Alverton Hotel. Kate, her two children and bridesmaids got ready in the impressive Bridal Suite at the hotel. Meanwhile Ryan rehearsed an awesome cover version of Guns and Roses classic Sweet Child of Mine with a selection of very talented musician friends who were attending the wedding.

The bridal party assembled and made their entrance. Amazing music continued to fill the hall throughout the ceremony as many of the guests were from various local bands and had brought along their guitars. The musical element of this wedding was so good!

It was a colourful autumn day so we got some nice shots in the grounds of the hotel, and in the back of camper van the couple had rented for their wedding day – the kids were loving being such a major part of the special day!

Next stop was the marquee where a rustic, festival-style celebration was waiting Kate and Ryan. Guests sat on straw bales and feasted on paella and pulled pork (catering was provided by Nomad Events) while the speeches got under way. Later on a full line up of awesome Cornish bands provided the evening entertainment. Rock and Roll from start to finish, this wedding provided lots of cool moments to document. Here is a few highlights..

Alverton Manor Wedding VenueAutumn wedding at Alverton Manor Ryan + Kate-6 Alverton manor bride getting ready Ryan + Kate-15 Ryan + Kate-16 Ryan + Kate-21 Ryan + Kate-22 Ryan + Kate-23 Ryan + Kate-26 Ryan + Kate-30 Ryan + Kate-34 Ryan + Kate-35 Ryan + Kate-45 Ryan + Kate-50 Ryan + Kate-51 Musicians at Alverton Manor wedding Ryan + Kate-64 Ryan + Kate-70 Ryan + Kate-76 Ryan + Kate-80 Ryan + Kate-92 natural photos of bride and bridesmaids Ryan + Kate-102 Ryan + Kate-104 Ryan + Kate-108 bride and father at Alverton Manor wedding Ryan + Kate-117 Ryan + Kate-125 Ryan + Kate-131 Ryan + Kate-132 Ryan + Kate-138 Ryan + Kate-142 Ryan + Kate-145 Ryan + Kate-150 The Alverton Manor Great Hall Ryan + Kate-155 Ryan + Kate-163 Ryan + Kate-169 Ryan + Kate-170 Ryan + Kate-174 Ryan + Kate-175 Ryan + Kate-177 Ryan + Kate-180 Ryan + Kate-182 Ryan + Kate-184 Ryan + Kate-186 Ryan + Kate-188 Ryan + Kate-191 Ryan + Kate-193 Ryan + Kate-194 Ryan + Kate-195 Ryan + Kate-196 black and white reportage wedding photography in Cornwall Ryan + Kate-198 Ryan + Kate-199 Ryan + Kate-205 confetti at the Alverton Manor Ryan + Kate-222 Ryan + Kate-229 Ryan + Kate-249 Ryan + Kate-252 Ryan + Kate-259 Alverton Manor wedding photography Ryan + Kate-269 Ryan + Kate-276 Ryan + Kate-280 Ryan + Kate-282 Ryan + Kate-285 Ryan + Kate-289 Ryan + Kate-290 Ryan + Kate-294 Ryan + Kate-299 Ryan + Kate-301 Ryan + Kate-308 Ryan + Kate-312 Ryan + Kate-314 Ryan + Kate-315 Ryan + Kate-319 Street food wedding buffet Ryan + Kate-325 Ryan + Kate-329 rustic marquee reception Ryan + Kate-334 rustic marquee reception Ryan + Kate-339 Ryan + Kate-344 Ryan + Kate-345 Ryan + Kate-356 Ryan + Kate-357 Ryan + Kate-359 Ryan + Kate-361 Ryan + Kate-363 Ryan + Kate-367 Ryan + Kate-381 Ryan + Kate-382 Ryan + Kate-385 Ryan + Kate-388 Ryan + Kate-390 Ryan + Kate-391 Ryan + Kate-392 Ryan + Kate-398 Ryan + Kate-402 Ryan + Kate-411 Ryan + Kate-415 Ryan + Kate-417 first dance marquee photography Ryan + Kate-430 Ryan + Kate-441 Ryan + Kate-447 Ryan + Kate-453 Ryan + Kate-456 Ryan + Kate-463 Ryan + Kate-464 Ryan + Kate-467 Ryan + Kate-470 Ryan + Kate-471 Ryan + Kate-477 Ryan + Kate-493 Ryan + Kate-494 Ryan + Kate-500 Ryan + Kate-505 groom with dog rock and roll wedding photography Ryan + Kate-524 rock and roll wedding photography Ryan + Kate-530 Ryan + Kate-532 Ryan + Kate-543 Ryan + Kate-548 Ryan + Kate-549 Ryan + Kate-550 Ryan + Kate-551 Ryan + Kate-556 Ryan + Kate-567 Ryan + Kate-571

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