Kind Words

Alice + Chris Bailey – St Agnes Church Wedding

Alice + Chris-710 Dear Stewart, It was agony when our photos arrived because I had to wait until Chris got home…and then we’d been sailing in the evening until I could see them. It was funny, we had both been so excited about seeing the pictures that when it actually came to it, we were really nervous and hesitant to open the package. We were scared that we would be disappointed or the photos wouldn’t do our day justice. We sat down with a cup of tea, holding hands, and put them on the TV in a slideshow. We needn’t have been worried. Every picture is a perfect snapshot of our wedding day. You gave us exactly what we wanted and had been dreaming about – a personal and true-to-life storybook of our amazing day. Everything about you and your service was perfect. From our first meeting to the delivery of your beautifully presented work. We feel that you have truly understood what we’ve wanted from the very beginning…and then far exceeded our hopes. On the day, your presentation was immaculate and friendliness impeccable. It was like having another friend at our wedding. You were courteous to our guests and patient with us (many of our guests have commented on how wonderful you were). You seemed to keep going all day (and it was a long day!). I think what most impressed us was your natural understanding that this was the biggest and best day of our lives and how you went to extraordinary efforts to immortalise it for us. You were never the centre of attention but managed to capture every special moment. I’m particularly impressed at how you’ve managed to make the girls prep look calm! But thank you as well for staying longer than agreed. The sunset pictures are some of our favourites-they are stunning. We’ll be forever grateful and anticipate some big copies of those around the flat. However, I’m annoyed at you for two reasons. Firstly, when we originally looked through the pictures, I couldn’t sit through the slideshow in one go because I kept welling up and couldn’t see the photos! We had to keep pausing so I could wipe away the tears – it brought the day and emotions back so vividly. Your skill at capturing tiny details, smiles and fleeting moments is astonishing. Your photographs will keep our wedding day alive for whenever we want to visit it again. Secondly, I’m frustrated that I feel I can’t find the words to properly express my gratitude. As a writer, it’s exasperating to feel inarticulate! ‘Thank you’ doesn’t cut it. But for what it’s worth, thank you, Stewart, so very much. I hope you understand how grateful we are. With the warmest wishes Alice and Chris Bailey

Sian + Tom – Scorrier House Wedding

DSC_1463 “Thank you so much for being the best photographer a couple could wish for. As Tom pointed out, all that is left after a wedding are the memories and the photographs (and the marriage!) and therefore it’s important for the photographs to be perfect. Ours were. So many moments that were pivotal for us on our day but that we never dreamed would be captured were there in all their artistic glory. So many little memories that we assumed would only be retained in our minds, as they were surely too fleeting to have been photographed, were there. You are truly an astonishing photographer. And as if the beauty and style of the photos isn’t enough, you were so much fun to have around. The photographer (bizarrely) becomes the one constant on your wedding day. They are there through everything and there are very few moments that you are away from them. The balance between unobtrusive and yet friendly is incredibly fine, and yet you held this balance expertly throughout the whole day. It felt as though it was a friend taking photos rather than a stranger – someone very much part of our wedding rather than someone outside it. Thank you Stewart”