Sunshine, deck chairs, beers and good tunes, this wedding was well worth the visit to sunny Whitstable in Kent. Luke and Daniela asked me to travel to Daniela’s hometown to photograph their super cool wedding at East Quay Venue and it was a real pleasure to be apart off.

East Quay Venue itself is an old oyster grading room which sits right on the seafront. Much of its character and charm still remain today and it provided a really cool and unique venue to host Luke and Dani’s wedding day.

There are so many cool moments from this day and I have squeezed as many of them as I can into the slideshow below for you. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Dani and Luke for entrusting me with photographing their day, I had an absolute blast guys!

Check out Daniela & Luke's wedding highlights below

East Quay Wedding Photographer - Stewart Girvan Photography 2020


Daniela & Luke

Here is their story……


Tell me a little bit about yourselves, for example, where did you meet?

We met in a noisy student union over 14 years ago and are now enjoying married life in South West London. We both love music, which has a strong influence on our relationship and the planning of our wedding.

Can you tell me about the proposal?

Luke planned to kayak to a secret cove off the coast in Croatia. He nearly ticked all the boxes, but unfortunately, he broke his hand and wrist a week before. So instead we went on a boat trip where the only way into the secret cove was to swim. This proved quite challenging for a one-handed Luke, so half way in he put his good arm round me and popped the question to the sound of an elderly man playing the ukulele.

Can you tell me about your venues and why you chose them?

The ceremony and reception were all in one location at the East Quay Venue. We were already familiar with the building, as it’s located in Daniela’s home town of Whitstable, Kent. With direct access to beach, a giant fish tank that we could Dj from and the best sunset views imaginable we had to choose it.

Were you going for a certain style or theme for your wedding?

We didn’t think about themes until we found our venue. It was then a case of designing our wedding around a building we both loved. It became a mixture of Lobsters and Lights.

What is your most memorable moment from the day?

Wow…there are so many. The Public clapping as we walked through Whitstable harbour, seeing the cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’ congratulate us during Luke’s speech, struggling to cut the cake or the guests singing and dancing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” holding sparklers on the beach!

Why did you choose Stewart Girvan Photography?

We needed a photographer who understood the demands of capturing a social occasion, while making sure the background detail wasn’t lost. We met Stewart prior to the wedding to discuss the type of shots we wanted. His landscape photography of sunsets and coastlines were so impressive, we knew he could capture the Kent Coast with ease.

How did you feel about having your photos taken and were you pleased with the final images?

During the day we remember speaking to Stewart and noting how composed he was and how comfortable he made us feel. He blended in, chatted and made others feel relaxed while capturing everything we wanted. Our friends and family have since commented on the quality of the photography.

Can you tell me about any other suppliers that contributed and played an important part to your wedding? For example, florist, makeup artist, transport, entertainment.

  • Florist – Jane at Graham Greener – Whitstable
  • Band – Project F – Whitstable
  • Makeup – Lydia Rae – Whitstable
  • Cake – Fairy Dust Bakery – Canterbury
  • Videographer was a friend

Do you have any advice for future couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy the organising and share the responsibility, find a venue that reflects your characters and design around that….and it’s your day, so don’t back down!