Tristan and Sunghia held their beautiful wedding ceremony on a clifftop at West Pentire head, between Porth Joke and Crantock in Cornwall. This unique setting was a very special spot for the couple, as it was where Tristan proposed to Sunghia. Check out Tristan’s amazing proposal story below, a true gent.

The ceremony was so laid back, the sun shone down and the guests relaxed on the grass overlooking the sea. After the ceremony, we headed down to the beach for a few pics with the bridal party. We then headed up to a field in West Pentire village where Tristan & Sunghia had a fantastic marquee reception.

There were so many lovely little details that Tristan and Sunghia created for the day. From the tartan bunting, paper cranes and flowers, to the homemade elderflower champagne and haggis pasties. I haven’t even mentioned the amazing wedding cake Tristan’s mum made, a masterpiece!

This couple were super creative and really made it their own, but for me the biggest thing on the day was the love and emotion between the pair and all their friends and family. An awesome wedding!

Check out Tris & Sunghia's wedding day highlights below

West Pentire Cornwall Wedding - Stewart Girvan Photography


Sungia & Tristan

Here is their story……


Tell me a little bit about yourselves, for example, where did you meet?

Tristan: I’m from Cornwall and was living in London. The day we met, I was in a local pub Hootananny’s, to meet some friends. I saw Sunghia sitting on a table next to ours, I went to speak to her. Next night I was in the same place for my friends birthday when I saw Sunghia there again.

Sunghia: I’m from Scotland and was living in London. I was in a pub with some friends, about to leave – I was moving flat the next day. Then a friend phoned, ‘You coming to Hootananny’s, you’re not far, come for one’. I went along and met Tristan that night. I was back in Hootananny’s the next night for my friend’s birthday. At the end of the night, Tristan walked me to the station. When we hugged goodbye, he held on and kissed me.

T: She was so love struck she forgot where she lived!

S: I wasn’t! I had just moved flat that morning and was so drunk I went to my old flat!

T: Love struck.

Can you tell me about the proposal?

We went camping in Cornwall for our two year anniversary at our spot in West Pentire which we love. After a day walking on the cliffs and gathering firewood on the beach we built a fire. We had a bbq and drank wine as the fire burnt.

When night fell Tristan pointed out a light at the back of the deserted beach ‘let’s go see what it is’.

I reluctantly went to investigate with him. As we got closer I could see a lantern and a tiny treasure chest beside it… it was locked. ‘I have the key!’ Sunghia shouted.
Earlier in the day Tristan had given me a spare for our tent. And somehow in that moment I realised that the key was for this treasure chest, and I knew what it meant…

Sunghia unlocked the chest and inside was full of coins, gems and shells which I’d collected from our special beach, and amongst it all was an engagement ring and tiny scroll.
Tristan went down on one knee, read out the scroll: “Sunghia La, will you marry me”

She said YES!

Can you tell me about your venues and why you chose them?

We chose this location as it was the same area as where I proposed and was already special to us. It made sense to get married there too. We hired a field and wanted to create everything ourselves. We wanted it to be personal and reflects who we are and our heritage. We wanted to have the ceremony on the clifftop, and luckily got the thumbs up to do so!

We couldn’t legally get married on the clifftop so had the legal ceremony in Truro Registry Office, and Sunghia got to honour part of her heritage by wearing a Chinese red dress and have a Chinese Tea Ceremony (where you give thanks to your elders).

Were you going for a certain style or theme for your wedding?

We wanted our wedding to reflect us. We wanted everything to be personal and natural. And to have a massive fun party full of love!
We took influence from our mixed heritage, and had reds (Sunghia’s Asian side), yellow (Tristan’s Cornish side) and blue (Sunghia’s Scottish side) as our base theme colour.

Tristan’s mum made the bunting, we went for a mixture of our colours and tartans. Sunghia and her friends made over 1000 paper cranes with our favourite songs and Shakespeare sonnets printed on them – which took a lot of patience transporting from London to Cornwall – we were so lucky the marquee guys for helped us untangle and hang up over 1000 paper cranes too!

We printed off photos of us and friends/family which was pinned up around the marquee. Favours: Cornish mini jams made by Tristan’s mum, Scottish tablet made by Sunghia’s friend. Plus each guest were given a drinking jar, with their name and a design handwritten by sunghia and her friend. Sunghia made a personalised version of the classic red Post Box for cards.
The bar was made by Tristan’s mate. Bouquet and button holes were made by Sunghia and her friends.

We decided on table names: retro 80s games (as we are both 80s babies and still big kids!) So each table was named after an 80s classic game eg: Hungry Hippos, Buckin’ Bronco, Kurplonk, Jenga, Operation, etc and we bought a version of the game to have on each table too. We designed our wedding cake and Tristan’s mum made it. Tristan made road and direction signs. Our invites were designed and made by us too. Tristan even made the cufflinks for the groomsmen.

Even the evening food – pasties – were themed: Tradition Cornish Steak, Asian chicken (Sunghia’s recipe) Haggis, Neeps & Tatties, and one for veggies, vegans and gluten free!
We could go on and on… we were so lucky because our bridesmaids and groomsmen, friends and family really got stuck in to helped us create the most special day.

What is your most memorable moment from the day?

Sunghia: So many moments! But for me it has to be the clifftop. The sun came out to play too! Walking towards my groom, felt so natural and right. Saying my personal vowels to him and him to me. I couldn’t stop crying from sheer happiness.

Tristan: Being up on the cliff surrounded by my family and friends, seeing my beautiful bride walking towards me and saying our vowels to each other. The music and the atmosphere was perfect.

Why did you choose Stewart Girvan Photography?

Stewart has been a friend of the family for a long time – he’s a great guy and his wedding photography is second to none. It was an honour to have him take our photos for us!

How did you feel about having your photos taken and were you pleased with the final images?

Stewart was a part of our day and it was a pleasure having him there with us. He took the photos without getting in the way or preventing us from doing what we wanted to do. We were very pleased with the final images – couldn’t have asked for more.

Can you tell me about any other suppliers that contributed and played an important part to your wedding? For example, florist, makeup artist, transport, entertainment.

We did a lot ourselves and with the help of friends and family but hired the field from Nina Eyles’ Cornwall Marquee Venue, used Coast 2 Coast for our marquee, Trebilcocks supplied the flowers, Julian at South West Camper Hire Ltd. for Hendrix – which we loved and wanted to keep! Sarah Karran for make-up, Tristan’s mum Jane Tutak for the cake. Our friends Joss and Clem at Kitchen Party Cooks for the catering and delicious food! Pascal Glanville for the music on the cliff, Matt Truen & the Soul Strokes as our wedding band, Jack and Sacha for DJing, Canny Camera Photo Booth, Kool Box Refrigerated trailers, Cornish Mill & Bakehouse for the best pasties!

Do you have any advice for future couples planning their wedding?

Don’t copy anyone. Do your wedding your own way. People will always have opinions, take what is helpful but don’t be persuaded to do anything that doesn’t feel right. A wedding day is so special to the two people who are getting married and should reflect you both. Have fun!!!