Kind words

  • Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! It was awesome having you there and pics sum up a fantastic day! We hope to see you again soon. Many thanks again, you’re bloody awesome!
    Hannah & Mike
  • Stew, firstly I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. After receiving the USB I had to wait 3 days until Phil and I was in the same room before we could sit down and go through far the hardest thing I've ever had to do! When we finally got together, we sat down with a bottle of champagne and relived our day through your photos. They're all so amazing and had us both smiling from start to finish!! You truly captured the day. Even though you were working I hope you had as much fun as we did. Simply saying thank you doesn't seem enough but thank you so much! Hopefully we'll catch you on the water sometime soon.
    Nat & Phil
  • Thank you so much Stewart, the photos are amazing!! We can’t stop looking through them!!
    Daniela & Luke
  • Wow, thank you Stewart, the photos are so lush! Thank you so much for the beautiful book and memory stick as well! What a lovely touch!”
    Claire & Joe
  • Stewart, WE LOVE THEM. Thanks so much!! Sorry we didn't email back yesterday, it's because we spent the entire evening looking at them/sending them to people. The whole family is delighted...everyone has been saying it captures the day perfectly. And my dad said he'd recommend you to anyone because 'he should be making a living doing this'! So don't think he understands the concept of a wedding photographer but is nonetheless really really happy! Can't wait to have them printed now... Also can't stress enough how great you were on the day, and if you want a much more coherent testimonial at any point will be happy to write something up 🙂 think my gurning happy face in every shot says it all though. And thanks for getting so many good photos of Grandpa George in his 'Two-face' state...they're some of my favourites.
    Amy & Kev
  • We absolutely LOVE the photographs, you have captured the day perfectly! The photos down by the beach and on the cliff are just beautiful - perfect memories of our wedding day, thank you so much. I think my favourite is the one you selected for the opening page (the one below) - this is going to be printed large and framed for somewhere in the house 🙂 Thank you so much again, beautiful photos and you were a jolly nice bloke to have around on the day 🙂 (we especially loved your camera holsters!)
    Claire & Neil
  • We have finally had a proper look at the photos and WOW!!! They took our breath away, they're just amazing! We cannot thank you enough for them and for being great throughout the entire process, the engagement shoot and for coming along on the boat cruise. We could not have asked for a better photographer. Thank you also for sending the USB drive, it is so nicely presented and is a beautiful keep sake. Hope you are keeping well, and please stay in touch 🙂
    Alex & Jaclyn
  • Honestly, we are just thrilled with them - there are so many gems and it’s so nice to also have such a lot of our lovely friends to share with them too. I have no idea how we are ever going to narrow them down, but that's a great problem to have. Thank you again so so much for documenting everything so brilliantly and also for joining in the banter and fun of the whole day. Best wedding photographer ever!! 🙂
    Laura-Anne & Rich
  • Thank you for our wonderful photographs! You were brilliant for our wedding and many people have commented on how great the photos are!!
    Heather & Steve
  • Stewart! We don't know where to start! Thank you so so much for capturing our big day, your pictures are incredible. We knew we wanted you to capture our day right from the beginning, and your relaxed but professional approach confirmed to us that we weren't going to be disappointed! We can't stop looking at the pictures, and every time we do, we seem to spot something we didn't see before and it's like being right in that moment again. All throughout the day you blended in with everyone perfectly, there were some pictures when you must have been right in front of us and we didn't notice! We really loved how you knew exactly where to get the perfect shots of just the two of us, these pictures especially have blown us away, and are permanent reminders of our beautiful day. Everyone who has seen the photos just love them, and we honestly couldn't recommend you more. We feel very lucky to have had you as our photographer, so a massive thank you once again!
    Jo & James
  • Wow! We have just sat down and looked at our pics…….I don’t even know what to say! They are so far beyond what we could have expected. Thank you so so so much Stewart. They have had us both in tears, particularly how you have captured the love of my grandparents. We love every single one and cannot ever thank you enough xxx
    Ash & Holly
  • Stewart, well, what can we say? The photos are all that we hoped for and more. You perfectly captured our special day and have made us cry and laugh in equal measure. Some of our favourites include Jess and her mum getting ready, Will escorting the grandparents into the church, our couples shoot, the reactions to Danny’s speech and THAT photo of Will, the drunken bridesmaids, Jess dancing with her dad and Will motor boating Laura! You were such a great part of the day – thank you!!
    Will & Jess
  • Ty got back early yesterday, so we stayed up late with a drink or two and looked through both sets… Absolutely nailed it mate! Love them, they are incredible. Just awesome. Words fail me. Might have cried! You did a cracking job mate, absolutely spot on. The views are great and all that but you totally nailed the emotional bits too bud. Never doubted you would but still it’s a pretty special feeling looking through them, so thank you. Made me realise just how important our jobs are! Too many favourites to mention and haven’t quite soaked them all in yet, but seriously, we both love them! I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to choose what to get printed!
    Paul & Tyra
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful photos!! It was so worth it going down onto the beach as well! Everybody said to us what a lovely guy and addition you were to the day. Thanks again Stewart!!
    Andrew & Robyn
  • To Stewie, Thank you so much for coming to our wedding. We had an awesome time, we hope you did too, even though you were busy taking our amazing wedding photographs! Everyone who has seen them, loves them. You did a great job and thanks to you we have some lovely memories to look back on. You are so talented!! Thanks again they are so good! All our love Chaz and Cat.
    Chaz & Cat
  • Thank you so much for being our wonderful photographer. Everyone loved your work, my dad said your photos are flawless! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer! Also thanks again for spending extra time and effort to support our celebration in HK, it was great help! We really appreciate how understanding you are and how you went the extra miles to satisfy our special requests! Thank you so much!
    Chi & Tom
  • Holy shizzle mate, these photos are amazing! Ruth’s mum was virtually in tears! Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our big day! You’re a star and we owe you big time! Catch up properly soon! Lots of love Dan and Ruth.
    Dan & Ruth
  • Hi Stew, Thanks so much for posting through our pictures - they are really awesome and so us!! You were fantastic on the day and made Graham and I feel so comfortable and at ease. They are truly epic!! Thank you again. All the best Jen and Graham xx
    Jen & Graham
  • Stewart’s photos captured both the narrative of the day and the carousel of emotions which underpinned that story. He is a world class photographer with the attitude of a consummate professional. For us, the thing that sets Stewart a cut above the rest of photographers who I’ve worked with (I work in the music industry) was his chameleon like ability to settle into different environments with decorum, sensitivity and style. He puts his subjects at ease, was respectful of privacy and delivered a stunning selection of photographs from the breakfast to the last guests leaving the party. We couldn’t recommend a photographer more. Thanks for a great day and capturing some eternal memories.
    Kate and Ryan
  • Hi Stewart, We absolutely love the photos! You caught every crack of a smile! Almost like living it all again! Thank you so much!
    Bryony & Tom
  • Stewart, we are so happy with our photos! Your pictures will be on the walls of all our friends and family for many years I think! I feel like you have cracked a smile at all of our guests and they smiled back – you’ve captured the joy we felt perfectly and we can’t thank you enough!
    Lucy & Todd
  • I don't know how to thank you enough for our beautiful photos! We are absolutely thrilled with them and I feel so lucky to be able to see all the magical moments that I missed on the day! I haven't been able to stop looking through them and we've received many compliments from friends and family who we've shared them with. Thank you for capturing the love and laughter, the tears and the joy. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and we feel very lucky to have found you!
    Nicky & Gary
  • Hi Stew, these pics are pretty wow! Aren't you good?! It took us quite a while and many elderflower champagnes to get through them! But we loved it! Your photos really captured our was like being back there all over again! Thanks again for being so amazing!!
    Sunghia & Tristan

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